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Discover how India's 1st Smart Textile Digital Company is transforming Artifical Intelligence to Apparel Intelligence.

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Digital Fashion Factory is a confluence of

Smart clothes are going to be the next BIG thing after wearables, transforming the way we live.

We provide protective clothing for pregnant women against non ioninzing raditions.
We provide smart clothing with intriguing features for sports enthusiast.
We provide digital clothing for welfare of senior citizens and children to instigate a healthier lifestyle.
Protective clothing for industrial workers against pernicious gases & help them monitor their bio-vital's regularly.
Fashionable digital clothing for youth to use at work, home, party, anywhere and everywhere !

Smart Clothing Components

Fabrics, now enable embedded digital components.Smart Clothing is all about seamless integration of textiles with electronic elments.These components are fused with semi conductors to bring a productive change in clothing.

Smart Clothing Platform

The smart clothing platform is a wireless sensor technology to develop fabrics by fusing electronics components with semiconductors to monitor health. This continual bi-directional interface for the body's operating system will empower humans to improve thier capabilities and performance and would also help people to manage thier health proactively.

Eco System

It's easy to build an innovative ecosystem with our digital platform, which taps into the human body. This ecosystem comprises of textile based hardware interface, where the embedded software transmits , analizes and processes the data streams. The API allows the developers to make an effective use of the processed data for the well being of users.

Stay mobile

Stay connected and protected with secure transmission of data to our cloud which enhances personalized care by minimizing the time to diagnose. With our intuitive and effective interface, users can access their insights from thier mobiles.

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Leveraging DFF Labs
The DFF Lab's cloud, provides services to digitize, analyze and advice individuals and also provide enterprises a shortcut to develop more complex solutions and to explore untapped potential.
End to End Solutions
We have developed the capabilities required to design, engineer and manufacture connected textile solutions. This clubbed with our digital ecospace provides the complete solution to your doorstep.
Creating Awareness
We are engaged in creating public awareness through social media by informing people about the aftermath of over exposure to electromagnetic radiations on human body.