About us

We are a bunch of graduates from finest business, technological and fashion colleges who are on a mission to disrupt a 1.3 trillion dollar industry by redefining the future of wellness by fusing technological elements with design.

Wearable technology is on the cusp of a major transformation

Our company is on a mission to make an universal wearable taking it far beyond what has been done in the last 2000 years. A protective layer which will shield you from harmful digital elements.

A word from our Founders

The global market for smart garments and textile-based wearables is expanding rapidly. Driven by rising awareness in sectors such as maternity, healthcare, sports, fitness and fashion, and the ability to monitor physiological information such as heart rate and blood pressure.

The clothing industry has seen very few disruptions in the last 170k years, when humans adopted clothing for the very first time. It has delivered the same benefits - protect from natural elements, make humans feel comfortable and look smart. Our mission at DFF is to challenge the frontiers - Smart Clothing that can protect you from digital elements; Smart Clothing that serves as second skin to gather physiological data, process it and deliver actionable insights. Whether you are a fitness fanatic who wants to keep tabs on your heart rate variability, or an executive who needs alerts on posture correction, or an elderly person who needs unobtrusive, non-invasive monitoring or a meditation Guru to look at the brainwaves - we do all this and more from the very first and still the only universal wearable - Clothing.

Our vision is to become synonymous with e-textiles and intelligent garments to make the cornerstone for interconnecting electronic elements with fabric.